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IFTTT - Some Automation Ideas

Published: 10 months ago

I've been testing out IFTTT (If This Then That) over the last couple of days to do some fairly run-of-the-mill automation. You know, trying to get posts on here out into the wild via RSS, instead of the arduous copy-and-paste of the same message to three places that I would do otherwise. I've enjoyed it so far, but I'm looking to extend the automation further to satisfy my needs and I have some requests for the IFTTT team to consider for future updates.

  • If I've been scrolling through Netflix for more than fourteen seconds it should just play The Devil Wears Prada again and save me the remaining eight minutes where I try to muster the courage to watch something new.
  • If I bought beer during the day and my Spotify plays anything off "The Holy Bible" by the Manics in the evening, I want to add a reminder to my phone to buy Asprin and Rennies.
  • If my phone detects I'm in Cornwall I want it to emit a shrill unpleasant tone until I leave. At least as far as Bristol. It should be bad enough that others encourage me to leave as well.
  • As effective as the "my alarm goes off at 07:23 > wife hits me > I wake up" automation is, id like my phone to condition me in my sleep so that I hit myself instead to deprive her of the satisfaction.
  • If its Retro day at work I'd like it to buy me beer and queue up "The Holy Bible" by the Manics on Spotify.
  • If I've been for a run I'd like to prevent my phone from comparing the run I did that morning to one when I was younger and fitter.
  • If I hit the landing page of an unfamiliar programming language, I'd like it to close the page, block the site, and open my GitHub wall of unfinished project shame.

More to follow.

P.S. Where is the Mastodon integration?