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Published: 16 hours ago

OK, its been a while and we are getting things back on track. The last few weeks have been fairly dev centric. I've taken a shine to the simplicity and power of web projects powered by htmx and Go. The most excellent Learn Go With Tests has been an important part of that process. It has a strict TDD approach which is something I've been aware of but never fully appreciated the strength of the approach. Red, Green, Refactor, etc.

In addition to this I've loved every edition of The Pragmatic Engineer that I've read so far. Its sparked some interesting conversations and ideas at work and the documents section (subscriber only) has some fantastic starter template documents on topics such as on-call compensation, planning re-orgs, and project updates.

I've just added Console to my list of newsletters and the first has been interesting. In addition to the swathe of dot-dev projects, I've also set up which is a custom feed of articles within the tech space, delivered as a browser plugin.

There should be more Go content on here. I'm enjoying it a lot.

Thats all for now.