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Published: 7 months ago

Long time, no thing. As they say. You may sense a theme from these links.

I've been watching a lot of simple YouTube stuff. And I don't mean that as a slight, there is absolutely a place for this kind of content. Firstly I've enjoyed magnet fishing with the illustrious Bondi Treasure Hunter. The simple pleasure this man takes from dredging rusty crap out of rivers and canals is really infectious. At a very complex time, he has a fantastic attitude of including bystanders and other people in the fun. Would recommend.

There is something I find quite calming about Gemma Wheeler Architecture. I don't have the means or will to consider a project like the ones showcased on her channel, but I find something about her method of repurposing, and redesigning otherwise abandoned and unloved buildings refreshing.

I'm not entirely sure what I feel about the prevalence of Stoicism, especially in the cult-of-productivity landscape I seem to be bombarded by. That being said, I really like some of Daily Stoic - Ryan Holiday. In particular there are elements of what is said about getting through difficult times, shaping your own narrative, and the importance of journaling which I find really helpful. I mostly enjoyed reading his book 'The Obstacle Is The Way' and could do with another go on it right now.

I've never thought of myself as being a person who likes being around others for any great length of time. And, I'm not entirely sure that I am. That being said, I've come to enjoy milling around crowds. Especially when things are particularly challenging. It seems to have the effect of diminishing how I'm feeling about my own problems, or at the very least, disrupting the thought pattern for a short while.

This has been a good exercise to pair with reconnecting with street photography. I find this kind of photography a balance between having the discipline to be bold to get the picture I want, as well as being forced to be in the moment. To take in the world as its happening and understand the flow of what people are doing. To read whats going to happen or stop and wait for a shot to materialize. Its been good to focus on this as well.

Trying to keep running, working, and getting out of bed in the morning.

I think thats all for now.