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Published: 10 months ago

Its been an interesting week. I kept thinking of putting together a dedicated post about this, but I just want to mention it for now, and I can put something more thoughtful together later, if it matters. As this article states, the first step to diminishing these kinds of thoughts is simple awareness.Cognitive Distortions.

Fuck microservices. Love The Primagean, and this video articulates, even at a Netflix engineering level why microservices are a mistake. Engineers are very distracted by the building of the thing. Ship working code. That is all that matters.

I really enjoyed this top comment on How to become a Designer who codes. I think over time my interest in esoteric back-end stuff is fading away. The simpler an idea, or website can be communicated the better. This is the cutting edge of the thing you are building and simple interaction design to effectively reach people is the key.

I like remote working, but the longer it goes on, the more I miss being with people on a regular basis. I'm not flipping to camp in-office-only just yet, but I'm going to try and be somewhere public to work on a regular basis. So I'll be in the new WMC cafe most Thursdays. Come and say hello.