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Published: 6 months ago

I've been doing an Elixir/Phoenix bootcamp over the past couple of days and I must say I've been enjoying it. Its my first exposure to functional programming and I think I'm picking up the concepts more quickly than with any OO languages. This course has been good thus far, there are a few minor differences between Elixir versions, but nothing distracting.

I think one of my favorite elements of the Elixir/Phoenix stack is that it feels very fast to scaffold a project. Having worked on Django and done a little bit of Rails in the past, it certainly has that 'full-featured' feel. I'm aware of the power of Phoenix Live Vies and I'm excited to get into them. I've enjoyed the templating/server-side approach of those other frameworks, and using Phoenix with Tailwind and some Live View components feels like it might be a winner.

I was intending to move something over to Phoenix that I had started working on as a Rails project, but I'm feeling like finishing something small. There is also a little bit of me that wants to recreate this site as a Phoenix blog, but even that might be too big.

I am tempted by the idea of an incredibly minimal CSS configuration, using system default fonts, no imports etc.

I've used MVP.css in the past, but I like the look of awsm.css as well.