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Published: a year ago

So the combination of good dev docs for Rails, combined with being able to ask ChatGPT technical questions and get a good descriptive answer has been a bit of a game-changer. I've been getting up to speed with the framework as well as getting well-laid-out answers on Ruby itself and it's been a very pleasant experience. If you have ever been curious to try out a new language or framework, the combination of Devbox and ChatGPT is a compelling reason to go for it.

I intend on using this combination more aggressively at work as it's a powerful tool to accelerate your progress.

Speaking of Accelerate, I've been having issues calculating DORA metrics at work. I have been using a chunky Google Colab/Python script to calculate everything but it's reached a fairly high degree of complexity, such that it's a bit of a pig to maintain. There are tools out there to purchase, but I haven't done the rounds recently to see if any of them are worthwhile.