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Published: 6 months ago

The internet needs to be more fun. I've been using ChatGPT recently for a few things like asking for daily facts on various topics, digests of books, and its been particularly good at scaffolding coding projects as well. Its been especially powerful at kick-starting a project, or talking through a problem I'm not familiar with.

As such, I was very pleased upon discovering JailbreakChat which provides some often hilarious ways you can bend ChatGPT's rules. Making it talk to itself in a loop, and swearing incoherently.

I've also started a small project inspired by the excellent, but for the rogue-lite card battling game, Across The Obelisk. I'm hoping to build some kind of team/deck-building site. I'm intending to use Django as I spent a chunk of time with the framework and I find it really fast to get things up and running. Ideally I'd like an anonymous approach, where configurations are stored and shared as a string and potentially some kind of upvote/downvote structure as well. Always worth trying to run before you can walk.

HAving a play with a combination of Ruby on Rails and DevBox which was super easy to set up. Rails is very easy to understand coming from Django land, and it does some interesting and helpful things with resources, and using the cli to create models, views etc... hmmm, must investigate further.