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Published: 6 months ago

Things can be over-optimized. I have gotten very distracted in the past with trying to engineer the perfect conditions under which to do something, completely avoiding doing the thing. In fact, often I find by the time I'm done with preparing to do something, the will to actually do it is long gone. I think building the split keyboards as a means to improve my writing is the first example that comes to mind.

This said I've taken a look at Regolith, a desktop environment for Ubuntu, based on i3. Its pretty nice really. I think the issue I have is for me, I barely notice the difference, other than the inconvenience of occasionally not having access to a launcher when I need it. Once again, this is probably me stuck in my ways and the investment of learning this new system is just too big an ask. I'm better off just cracking on in less-than-perfect conditions.

That being said the Lenovo 300 is indeed super basic, but I've been getting by with it. Ultimately its a just a little too rough to use long term, but probably a decent shout for the price.

I've been looking into tagging posts in VitePress and having menu items on the sidebar. These posts are a little thematically all over the place and would definitely benefit from some kind of organization. At the moment though, it seems as though the vitepress-tags package wants us to organise the sidebar in a slightly odd way. I'm sure as things go on I'll need to customise things further. Good to know this is possible.

Lastly, I've been enjoying a solid blast of nostalgia while doing some retro gaming emulation, so far Wipeout on the Playstation 1 and Saturn Bomberman for the Sega Saturn. Both of which have absolutely cracking soundtracks. They both occupied my attention for a significant amount of time. I've never got to grips with RetroArch before but it seems a very capable emulation platform. What it can't emulate is my reaction times and ability to play these games.