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Published: 6 months ago

Well, what I'd hoped to be a more regular format for posting has somewhat fallen by the wayside. I've enjoyed writing more recently, so hopefully I'll be able to invest a little more time, and use a little more discipline to create these posts.

On the subject of discipline, I found this blog fascinating. I'm a perpetual victim of putting things off until the perfect conditions are met where I'll feel motivated to act. Off the back of this post I have been able to make some positive changes, which has been lovely, frankly. It seems to me holding on to the discipline to act when you know you should is a muscle that needs continually stretching, and the reward for carrying out these tasks is sometimes not in the doing, but after they are done.

My ongoing journey with keyboards has taken an interesting turn. As much as I loved getting into the dark, sordid world of custom PCB printing, soldering switches, and flashing micro controllers, I have decided to test out the following budget, non-mechanical keyboard... A Lenovo 300 UK (ISO) the logic being, responding to instinct, feel, and overall output. The simple fact of life is that I've accrued nearly 30 years of bad typing habits on sub-standard keyboards, and thats alright. IT arrives tomorrow, lets see how it goes.

I've recently moved back a step even from RSS feeds, which I have had a fairly noncommittal relationship with over the last couple of years. Instead I'm trying out leaning more into mailing lists and newsletters. The theory being, theres no feed reader required, its just your emails, which are consumable on every device/platform. There are a myriad of ways to set up filtering and email rules if you want things going into certain folders for easy consumption. And things like keeping up to date with the news is migrated to a much more considered and concise summary of events in a daily/weekly format. So far its been going well and I'd say overall I feel better informed and aware of things in my wide array of interests than what had become a second doom-scroll of never ending feed updates on my RSS reader.

OK, there we go. That wasn't that painful was it?