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Published: a year ago

Once again, I've been enjoying the videos of Philosophy Tube, specifically on Ignorance and Cencorship .

I've been somewhat interested in the Mental Models blog on Although I'm not entirely sure I'm bought in to this approach. I think this may be a tool, useful in specific application to a compatible problem, but not a magic bullet. Having said this, some of the models around systems thinking are perticularly interesting from an engineering perspective.

I've had a very on-again-off-again relationship with note taking apps over the last few years. I've mostly been seesaw-ing between Notion and Obsidian. I really like the low-level utilitartian feel of Obsidian, but I've mostly preferred Notion's media support. Over the last few months I've mostly been using Notion, but its been progressively worse to use. Both the web app and the native installed version have been getting really bad import lag.

So I'm back to Obsidian. Its actually been really nice to start from scratch with a different system. Its super snappy for now. We'll see how its behaving in a few months.