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Published: 9 months ago

OK, here we go again. There have been some interesting bits on writing again today, this blog on the benefit of handwriting for taking notes over and above typing was great. I float between the two and can't seem to settle.

I had this post linked to me on implementing buttons which reminded me how much I enjoy design/UX. I had begun the Google UX course which I should pick back up and finish someday...

I've been working on some presentation materials and I needed to whiteboard something out and it reminded me how good a tool Excalidraw is. If you like the style it seems super quick to throw something simple together to illustrate a point well.

Side thoughts today are that while I've been making an effort to migrate to the federated web, largely Mastodon, I should remember to post images. I did like the format of taking a couple of shots per day on Instagram to share and it was a means for me as a latent photographer to keep sharp, keep my eyes open and take in the world around me. There are federated Instagram equivalents, however, I keep remembering the Scott Hanselman axiom "Own your words". This also applies to images. I'll think of a nice way of implementing an image gallery component to this site. There may not be such a thing in Vitepress as yet, but I can easily do something on a subdomain.